Pharmaceutical Tracking System (PTS) Sample Solution

Stil Pharmaceutical Tracking System Sample Solution

The Drug Tracking System (ITS) has been developed by the Ministry of Health and the TİTCK to track all steps (Production, Import, Purchase, Sale, Export, Return, Use, Consumption, Deactivation, etc.) of drugs produced or imported in our country from the production stage to the final user.
DataStil Drug Tracking System's sample notification and tracking system has been developed for the purpose of notifying the ITS about the promotional samples of drugs produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Thanks to DataStil's expert and experienced team, we also provide consultancy services to the companies we serve within the scope of the Drug Tracking System (DTS). As part of these services, our expert team will always be by your side for E-signature applications, Drug Tracking System company applications, GS1 and SCCC barcode applications.
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The DataStil Drug Tracking System consists of two separate modules: the Sample Notification and Tracking System.
1. DataStil ITS Sample Notification Module
DataStil ITS Sample Module is a notification module used primarily at the headquarters of manufacturing companies for the purpose of submitting production notifications for products produced as samples or converting commercially manufactured products into samples. This module is used to submit individual or bulk notifications for products produced as promotional samples. It can operate independently or integrate with the production lines or ERP systems used by companies. The products for which sample notifications are made can be tracked in sample warehouses. Additionally, the allocation of sample products to representatives for consumption purposes can be performed within the same module. This enables centralized tracking of the quantity and type of samples available on each representative's inventory.
Through the DataStil ITS sample notification module, representative definitions, doctor definitions, and sample notifications to doctors can be quickly tracked within the centralized system module.

2. DataStil ITS Sample Distributor Consumption Module
DataStil ITS Sample Distributor Consumption Module is a notification module that operates on mobile devices (Android and iOS). Field representatives of manufacturing companies can use this module to quickly make consumption notifications by scanning the samples they have been assigned using the camera of their mobile devices during doctor visits. The products that have been consumed are also reflected in the DataStil Drug Tracking System sample notification module, which operates at the manufacturing center. This allows tracking of information such as which distributor provided how many samples of which product to which doctor. Distributors can transfer the sample products they have to another distributor or return them to the center. Distributors can only make sample consumption notifications for the products they have. All these features can be integrated with the ERP automation systems used by the company, as well as work independently.

DataStil Drug Tracking System Sample Solution

With StilITS, you can manage all your sample notification processes integrated with your ERP-Commercial system. You can contact our customer representative for information about DataStil Drug Tracking System Sample Solution and receive immediate information.
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ERP/Accounting, Excel Integration

With ERP/Accounting integration, making your notifications with a single click is very easy. StilITS can integrate with well-known and accepted ERP software and Excel in the market.

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ITS Sample Notifications

The Drug Tracking System program supports the submission of sample and consumption notifications to the ministry. Additionally, you can access information about drugs, companies, and details through query services.

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Android & iOS Application

Field representatives of the manufacturing companies can quickly make consumption notifications by scanning the samples they have been assigned with their mobile devices' cameras during doctor visits.

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You can track the number of samples available for each representative and which products they are from through the centralized system. You can also generate reports based on this information.

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