Warehouse Shipment Module

Warehouse Shipment Module

The DataStil Warehouse Shipment Module is developed to facilitate the control of products after an order, monitor warehouse movements, prevent errors after an order, ensure error-free delivery of goods, easily generate notifications for the Drug Tracking System (ITS) and Product Tracking System (UTS), and track the status of products in terms of consignment and reservation.
The system, specifically developed for pharmaceutical warehouses and medical companies, can operate independently from commercial systems. By capturing all records such as orders, invoices, and delivery notes entered into the commercial system, it enables fast product retrieval through barcode and QR code readers at the warehouse. This ensures that the product movements are reported to both the Pharmaceutical Tracking System and the Product Tracking System. The system supports partial shipments, returns, cancellations, and receipt of goods processes. With the package transfer system, you can quickly perform product shipments and receipts without the need to scan each individual product using transportation barcodes (pallets, boxes, bundles, etc.).
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Boost Efficiency with Stil Warehouse Shipment Module.
With the Warehouse Shipment Module, you can track the status of consigned and reserved stock and easily generate notifications for the Drug Tracking System (ITS) and Product Tracking System (ITS). The Warehouse Shipment Module is specifically developed by analyzing the entire warehouse workflow of the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, and its dynamic and parametric infrastructure allows for customization according to the specific needs of each company.
With over 10 years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, DataStil Software provides specialized integration services to all institutions and organizations involved in the scope of Pharmaceutical Tracking System and Product Tracking System. This includes manufacturers, importers, dealers, exporters, pharmacies, hearing aid application centers, optician establishments, hospitals, dialysis centers, dental clinics, private clinics, provincial health and public health centers, and all other organizations involved in the purchase, sale, or utilization of medication and medical supplies.
Notification and Warehouse Tracking Made Easy with ERP-Commercial Software Integration!
DataStil Warehouse Shipment Module can be integrated with your existing ERP and Commercial software. It enables capturing and processing of entered orders, facilitating product retrieval and deduction from the warehouse. Additionally, it can determine whether the products in the respective order fall within the scope of the Pharmaceutical Tracking System (ITS) or Product Tracking System (UTS) and generate the necessary notifications.
The Warehouse Shipment Module has the capability to integrate with well-known and widely accepted ERP and Commercial software solutions in the market. (Paraşüt, Netsis, Mikro,Zirve, DataSoft, Akınsoft,Türev, Byte, DIA, ETA, LINK, VEGA...)
Stil Warehouse Shipment Module

DataStil Warehouse Shipment Module

With the Warehouse Shipment Module, you can manage all your processes and notifications seamlessly integrated with your ERP-Commercial system. You can get in touch with our customer representative to learn more about the DataStil Warehouse Shipment Module and receive immediate information.
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ERP/Accounting, Excel Integration

DataStil Warehouse Shipment Module can be integrated with well-known and accepted ERP software and Excel in the market.

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ITS Notifications

With the integration of the Drug Tracking System, you can prepare PTS for products covered by the ITS and perform ITS notifications.

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UTS Notifications

With the Product Tracking System software, you can perform notifications related to products covered by the UTS.

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Inventory/Reservation Reports

With DataStil Warehouse Shipment Module, you can view the status of inventory/reservations and generate stock status lists.

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Barcode and QR Code Reader Support

The relevant products in the order can be quickly processed using a barcode or QR code reader.

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Shipment with Transport Barcodes

You can perform your shipments in bulk with transport barcodes (Pallet, Box, Bundle, etc.) without the need to scan each individual product.

Warehouse Shipment Module


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