TraceArt© Drug Reporting Module

TraceArt© Drug Tracking System Reporting Module

The ITS Reporting Module Query Service generates relevant reports on the status of the respective drugs, regardless of whether they are received from a commercial software or independently. The Drug Tracking System Reporting Module allows users to create these reports in suitable formats through the user interface. The entire reporting process is backed by a flexible infrastructure that can be tailored to meet the company's needs.
The ITS Reporting Module has the capability to integrate with all well-known and widely accepted ERP commercial software solutions in the market, such as Logo, Mikro, Netsis, Zirve, DataSoft, ETA, Paraşüt, DIA, VEGA, LINK, BAY-T, TUREV, CEOMED. Additionally, it can also function independently from any specific commercial software. The ITS Reporting System provides flexible and adaptable user interface to deliver comprehensive reporting capabilities.
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Perform your inquiries with the DataStil Drug Tracking System (ITS) Reporting Module
The Drug Tracking System Reporting Module has been developed to enable manufacturers to track their products in the field from the production stage to the consumption stage (sales, usage, and deactivation).
The system provides customizable user interface for comprehensive reporting on the status of relevant products throughout the entire process.
The ITS Reporting Module will be your greatest ally in making analytical and logical decisions.
View your reports in a flexible and user-friendly interface with the DataStil Drug Tracking System (ITS) Reporting Module.
The reporting interface provides a flexible, adaptable, and user-friendly interface that transforms the data resulting from queries into a comprehensible and actionable format. It allows for generating reports in the desired format, ensuring ease of use and adaptability.
The manufacturer can view the status and movements of their products and generate reports for these products. In this section, there are various filtering options available. Reports can be prepared according to the desired format by filtering based on product, product status, stakeholder, stakeholder type, date, and city. These filters can be customized according to the manufacturer's preferences. Each generated report can be exported in the desired format as per the manufacturer's preferences. Additionally, barcode reports can be obtained, and reports can be generated in table view for exporting to external environments (such as Excel, etc.).
DTS Reporting Module

DataStil DTS Reporting Module

With the DataStil ITS Reporting Module, manufacturers can obtain reports on the tracking of their products in the field from the production stage to the consumption stage (sales, usage, and deactivation).
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Features of the DataStil Drug Tracking System Reporting Module

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with the DataStil ITS Reporting Module.
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Product Inquiries

Enables querying of manufacturers' products in the field, from the production stage to the consumption stage.

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Reporting Interface

The status of products, stakeholders, stakeholder types, dates, and city can be filtered to display the desired reports in the interface.

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GTIN Based Reporting

It can provide detailed information on which stakeholders possess the products based on GTIN, grouped by city, district, and stakeholder, as well as the stock ownership of these stakeholders.

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Barcode Based Reporting

It is presented in the form of a detailed list containing information about each barcode. It includes details such as the current holder, entry and exit dates from the warehouse, entry and exit dates to the last stakeholder, and more.

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Flexible Infrastructure

With the ITS Reporting Module, you can view the status of your medications and generate reports.

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